WATCH: Ferocious Mongoose Scares Away Four Hungry Lions

Mongoose and lion

updated 09/05/2014 AT 8:00 AM ET

originally published 09/03/2014 AT 1:00 PM ET

Sorry, Honey Badger, there is a new fearless sheriff running the great outdoors: His name is Mongoose.

Now, mongooses have a history of kickbutt antics. These are the animals known for taking on cobras with a rebel yell, but the mongoose in this video goes even further.

Instead of bravely battling venomous snakes, this furry fighter is determined to scare away four hungry lions. When the supposed “Queens of the Jungle” try to swat him down, the mongoose retaliates by running up to his tormentors and releasing a flurry of vicious screeches.

Thanks to his confident posturing, the mongoose is able to escape to a nearby hole, but the fighter isn’t finished. Soon he pops back up for one more go at the quartet of big cats, before triumphantly running off to live another day.

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