VIDEO: Vito the Pet Parrot Races Owner Through Greece

Vito the parrot


updated 08/26/2014 AT 12:55 PM ET

originally published 08/25/2014 AT 2:00 PM ET

You can play fetch with a dog. You can cuddle on the couch with a cat. But can either race through the air alongside you as you zoom through the streets of a picturesque Greek island?

The owner of the YouTube account waterskizone is helping the world realize the benefits of parrot ownership through this video of his macaw, Vito, racing him as he drives his scooter down a road in Paros, Greece. Though it was uploaded a year ago, the video is currently making the rounds online, grabbing the attention of anyone who can appreciate the novelty of a guy racing his pet parrot.

A more recent video shows that Vito and his owner are still leading idyllic lives as they cruise around Greece.

And if you happen to own a dog or cat that can fly alongside your scooter, then please upload your own video of that as soon as possible.

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Courtesy Photography by Bytegirl