This Is Why You Don’t Try to Talk While a Lion Is Talking (VIDEO)

Kevin Richardson (left) and Tau

updated 08/11/2014 AT 10:00 AM ET

originally published 08/11/2014 AT 5:25 PM ET

Wildlife expert Kevin Richardson just wanted to tell the world about lions.

Turns out the lions wanted to, too.

As the self-proclaimed “Lion Whisperer” was recording a PSA for Sunday’s World Lion Day, he was interrupted by the majestic roars of Tau, a lion he has known since it was just a cub.

Richardson was attempting to speak on the dangers posed by human development to lions in the wild. “Lions occupy less than 20 percent of their former habitat,” he explained before being so rudely interrupted.

Once Tau was done roaring, Richardsone attempted to begin again – but then the animal gave a playful roll into the camera.

Watch the spot above, and see Richardson play soccer with his lions, below:

A baby dressed as a lion