This Is Just a Video of a Chipmunk Eating a Peanut While Dangling from a String

A chipmunk

Greg Wisniewski

08/01/2014 AT 7:00 PM ET

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A few weeks ago, the Internet marveled at the impressive upper-body strength of American Ninja Warrior’s Kacy Catanzaro, a woman who performed a series of increasingly hazardous physical stunts while handing from a variety of bars and rings.

This video is kind of like that, except for one major difference. It’s with a chipmunk.

After noticing a neighborhood chipmunk sniffing around their backyard, Ontario’s Wisniewski family decided to start giving him regular treats of peanuts. After a year, they decided to raise the stakes.

They set up a test for the hungry rodent: a peanut, suspended from a string just out of reach. Would the chipmunk’s love of peanuts overpower the gravity that kept it on the ground?

As the Wisniewskis soon learned, it would take more than a piece of string to keep the chipmunk from its nuts. The animal leaped into the air and began devouring the peanut, all while dangling from the parts of the peanut that were not presently in its mouth.

Fortunately, the event was caught on camera. Have we found the next star of Canadian Chipmunk Warrior?