The Daily Treat: Celebrate National Pet Day with These Adorable Dogs and Cats

Going head-to-head has never looked so precious


updated 04/11/2014 AT 3:30 PM ET

originally published 04/11/2014 AT 2:05 PM ET

There’s nothing we love more than a good holiday, and today marks just about the greatest one of all (sorry, Christmas): National Pet Day.

Choosing to stay away from the ongoing dog vs. cat debate, we here at PEOPLE Pets are celebrating by sharing our favorite photos of camaraderie; the rare moments when dogs and cats play nice.

Below, you’ll find five of our favorites, and the perfect dose of cuteness to kick off your weekend.

‘Eye’ see you

Hold on a sec, buddy, you’ve got a flyaway.

Cats can be guard dogs, too

I’ll take first watch. Those kids are bound to come back at any moment!

This is what a ‘beary’ good time looks like

Sometimes even best friends need space – for a pillow.

Just so you know: I could do this all day

Humans are doing it; we can too: First one to blink loses!

I stole your nose!

You promise after I tickle your belly you’ll tickle mine?

Are you doing something special for National Pet Day? Tell us in the comments below – and check out how Oprah Winfrey is celebrating.