The Daily Treat: Dogs Cuddling Benedict Cumberbatch Are Living Your Dream

Benedict Cumberbatch befriends a pair of huskies in Finland

Courtesy Gavin Green

04/03/2014 AT 1:30 PM ET

There’s a long history at PEOPLE Pets of animals carrying out the dreams of our editors. Last September, Joseph Gordon-Levitt planted a kiss on a kitten. Before that, Tom Hardy puckered up to a pooch. Today, we add two more to that illustrious list: a pair of huskies fortunate enough to cuddle Benedict Cumberbatch.

The British actor recently graced the cover of High Life magazine, the in-flight publication of British Airways, and the cover story’s writer took to Twitter to share some precious outtakes from the shoot.

“Cumberbatch loves dogs,” writer Gavin Green wrote, posting a photo of the Sherlock star giving one pup a belly rub while another goes in for a smooch. (Wouldn’t you?)

In three more photos Green posted to his account, Cumberbatch can be seen getting climbed on by the dogs and petting them in the snow. When you’re done admiring the photos, don’t forget to take a moment and identify which dog you’d rather be – we all have.