The Daily Treat: Newborn Elephant Will Turn Your Bad Day Right Around

Newborn elephant

James D. Morgan/Rex USA

updated 12/11/2013 AT 11:20 AM ET

originally published 12/10/2013 AT 3:00 PM ET

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He’s a pachyderm with a purpose: to cheer people up!

This happy and healthy male elephant was born when the staff of the Melbourne Zoo really needed a pick-me-up, arriving just days after an 11-month-old elephant died at the zoo in a freak accident.

Not surprisingly, the baby, who took his first steps within minutes of his birth, is already winning hearts as he walks around in his enclosure – including that of his 3-year-old sister, Mali, his mom Dokkoon’s firstborn.

In a first for the zoo, the little guy will be named from a selection of names chosen by the keepers that reflect his personality. Might we suggest Happy? After watching this video, we’ve almost completely forgotten about sloshing through a wintry mess this morning.