VIDEO: Baby Leopards Run Amok at

updated 12/06/2013 AT 6:00 PM ET

originally published 12/05/2013 AT 12:35 PM ET

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So, a lion, a tiger and two leopards walk into a New York City office building …

Okay, it didn’t quite go down like that – there were cat carriers, baby bottles full of milk and several animal wranglers involved when four spirited big cats came to the PEOPLE studios last week in honor of Big Cat Week on Nat Geo WILD (running through Dec. 6).

After cat wrangler Boone Smith gave us the lowdown on these amazing felines, including a rare white tiger and African lion cub, we thought: Wouldn’t it be fun if we got the 3-month-old African leopards to play with Christmas ornaments? Well, it turns out Ogre and Betty had other ideas. Click play above to watch what happens when you try and choreograph wild animals in a big fancy studio space.