5 Animals with Mustaches to Celebrate Movember

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Courtesy Hamilton The Hipster Cat

11/13/2013 AT 4:00 PM ET

We mustache you some questions. (Ha. Ha. Okay, we’re done with the puns.)

How is your Movember going? Are you marking the month by growing out your handlebar with class, elegance and sophistication comparable to that of, say, a cat? And, if not, do you need some inspiration?

The animal kingdom offers plenty of ideas when it comes to participating in the monthlong November event, which encourages participants to sport their mustaches with pride while raising awareness for men’s health issues.

Here are five animals who are doing it right (including Hamilton the Hipster Cat, pictured above).

This Patas monkey

This is serious, you guys.

Mark Jones Roving Tortoise Photos/Getty
Movember is no monkey business.

And then there’s this Frenchie

Which one should he choose?

There are an infinite number of ways to enjoy bacon. There are also a lot of ways to successfully sport a mustache.

Now let’s talk about this bird

This mustache is so, like, aerodynamic.

Gerhard Schulz/Getty
So fly, are we right?

Finally, seal the deal

Don’t mind me – just keeping it classy. You know.

Doug Allan/Getty
Nailed it.