Read Our Corgi A-Paw-Calypse Contingency Plan

Follow these seven steps in the event corgis become an endangered breed.


11/07/2013 AT 8:45 AM ET

We think you should sit down for this one.

Corgis may soon make their way onto the endangered breed list, according to the Britain Kennel Club’s breeders’s association. There were only 241 Pembroke Welsh Corgis registered in Britain this year, AFP reports. That number needs to be at 300 to stay off the vulnerable breeds list.

Corgis: the unofficial mascot of the Internet, the Queen’s favorite kind of pooch, the stuff our dreams are made of. Together, we can avoid a Corgi a-paw-calypse. Just follow these seven steps:

1. Gather all of your corgi friends

Together, we’ll get through this.

Even that one you haven’t talked to since, like, seventh grade because, you know, boy drama or something.

2. We mean ALL of them

Everyone needs to help.

Especially the puppies, because puppies.

3. Take to the streets with your message

Spread the word, human.

In the event of a pending shortage, awareness is the first line of defense.

4. But, like, don’t forget to nap a lot

Is there a problem or something? BRB, sleeping.

A tired corgi is cute but otherwise useless.

5. Always keep moving

Is there something wrong? Because I was just going to run around and look perfectly adorable for a few minutes.

This is serious and terrible and traumatic, but it doesn’t have to define us and the times we have had together.

6. Always keep cuddling

I know you’re busy trying to save my breed and all, but you still have time to snuggle, right?

Marcelo Maia/Getty
This is most important to maintain a sense of normalcy in the lives of those corgis at risk.

7. Remember: We will get through this

Keep calm and corgi on.

Times are tough. Not all love survives. Sometimes, things break. But these are corgis we’re talking about, and corgis know no limits in terms of cuteness, among other things.