The Government Shutdown, as Told by Pets

Why watch Democrats and Republicans face off when their mascots can do it for them

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10/03/2013 AT 10:45 AM ET

If President Barack Obama was sitting next to us, we’d ask him to explain the government shutdown, why it happened and when it’s going to be over.

But he’s kind of busy right now, so we asked our pets to tell us what’s going down in Paw-shington, D.C., instead.

Furlough: an impossibly furry animal, including but not limited to cats, dogs, rabbits and specific breeds of owls.

Cute as this guy may be, we need the shutdown to not last fur-ever


Filibuster: The full name of Andy’s dog in Toy Story

But the “Fili” is silent


GOP: Grand Old Puppy

My paw-ty’s politics are very important to me


And the GOP controls the Mouse of Representatives

It’s all about the paper chase, am I right?

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Claw enforcement: Just one of the many (re: MANY) agencies affected by the shutdown

In the meantime, let’s learn to use our words (meows?)

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Obamacare: How Obama shows Sunny and Bo how much he cares

We don’t believe there’s anyone in America who wouldn’t want to ensure these two are properly looked after

Courtesy of White House