The Daily Treat: Pandas Sleeping In a Crib Are Cuter When There’s 14 of Them

Your day just got 14 times better

China Daily/Reuters/Landov

updated 09/24/2013 AT 5:15 PM ET

originally published 09/24/2013 AT 3:10 PM ET

And the entire world said: Aww!

It was panda-monium – well, the kind you can sleep through – at the Chengdu Research Center of Giant Panda Breeding on Monday, when 14 artificially bred cubs were placed together in a crib for the first time since their birth a few months ago.

While the fluffy babies weren’t particularly into posing for pictures, they managed to make a memorable debut nonetheless, adorably snoozing through their time in the spotlight. Other times, keepers held up the tiny black and white cubs, whose eyesight is not yet fully developed.

In addition, because some were born earlier in the summer than others, the cubs range in size. “The eldest cub weighs a bit less than [8 lbs.] and the youngest weighs only about [1 lb.,]” one keeper said. The new additions will join the center’s 128-member giant panda family. Consider this photo their official birth announcement!

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