The Daily Treat: Guinea Pigs Who Dress Better Than Us

Do you think these guinea pigs appreciate their upgraded wardrobes?

Maki Yamada/Rex USA

updated 05/06/2013 AT 12:30 PM ET

originally published 05/06/2013 AT 1:35 PM ET

In the world of small, furry animals, we weren’t sure it got better than gerbils competing in a pageant. We were wrong.

Japan-based designer Maki Yamada creates specialty guinea pig attire, turning these otherwise adorable rodents into runway-worthy, four-legged fashionistas. Hats? Check. Wedding dresses? You got it.

“Pet fashion is very popular in Japan. Hundreds and thousands of dog clothes exist,” he told the U.K.’s Metro. “But I had never encountered guinea pig clothes.”

Dapper dogs and glamour cats, if you ever need some style advice, you know who to go to.