The Daily Treat: Are There Three French Bulldogs Here … or Are You an April Fool?

Three’s company, eh?

Rhian White/Barcroft Media /Landov

04/01/2013 AT 1:30 PM ET

Just call them the three musketeers. Or the three amigos. They’re a triple threat of cuteness, and three’s most definitely company.

But can something this cute really exist? Or is this trio of French bulldogs too good to be true?

Yup: Happy April Fools’ Day!

U.K.-based dog photographer Rhian White captures Ralph the French bulldog jumping for joy – the pooch did trick you, after all! – at an England beach.

Thanks to some impressive freeze-framing and, presumably, some equally nifty photo editing, we were fooled, too.

But that probably wasn’t the photographer’s intent. “My aim is to capture within a photograph the pure enjoyment a dog has doing what he or she loves doing the most,” White writes on her website. We’d say she succeeded with Ralph.