The Daily Treat: Baby Tapir Shows Off His Spots

Baby tapir shows off his spots in Germany

Jan Woitas/DPA/Zuma

updated 03/08/2013 AT 12:00 PM ET

originally published 03/08/2013 AT 1:55 PM ET

Well what do we have here!

As if being a baby wasn’t adorable enough, a Malayan tapir, born on Feb. 9, steals the spotlight from his mom on Thursday while exploring his habitat at the Zoo Leipzig in Germany.

Malayan tapirs, which are native to Southeast Asia, are known for the large white patch that extends from their back to the backside. At the moment, this newborn has a spotted look – reportedly for camouflage – but that will eventually change as he grows.

Though he’s currently nameless, the cutie will receive his moniker on March 18.