PHOTO: Kangaroo in a Cast Will Melt Your Heart

Blue Gum

Jason Edwards/Newspix/Rex USA

updated 03/04/2013 AT 12:00 PM ET

originally published 03/04/2013 AT 1:00 PM ET

This kangaroo sure has one “tail” of survival.

Rescued at just 4 months old, the joey named Blue Gum was plucked by a passerby who spotted his legs sticking out of his mother’s pouch in a suburb of northern Melbourne, Australia, hit by wildfires.

While Blue Gum’s mother passed away, he was brought to the Wildhaven Wildlife Shelter, and is now on the mend, including being treated for an injured leg.

“If a member of the public hadn’t been out checking their own animals and spotted his legs sticking from his mother’s pouch, he would’ve died,” said Blue Gum’s caregiver, Stella Reid.

The joey will remain in Reid’s care for the next two years until he is old enough to be released back into the wild.