OMG! Baby Koala (in a Mug) Drinks from a Dropper


11/06/2012 AT 3:25 PM ET

Not bad for a day at the office!

Raymond the koala might look like he’s enjoying his cushy digs inside a mug, getting hand-fed his milk from a bottle, but you’d want to give this baby the world if you knew where he’d been.

Found abandoned on the side of the road in Brisbane, Australia, Raymond (named after the man who found and rescued him) seemed like he might not survive. He had to be coaxed into eating and was underweight.

“Suddenly, one day he decided life wasn’t so bad,” says Julie Zyzniewski, Raymond’s caretaker, “and he has been absolutely powering along ever since.”

Though he needs to be fed every three hours, Zyzniewski is able to do so from the comfort of her desk – where Raymond rests in his happy mug.