Katherine Heigl’s Daughter Gives Dog a Belly Rub

Dog Oscar and Adalaide Kelley

Courtesy Katherine Heigl

updated 10/16/2012 AT 3:00 PM ET

originally published 10/16/2012 AT 3:20 PM ET

Since her April arrival at the Heigl-Kelley household, 6-month-old daughter Adalaide has wasted no time getting to know her new family, including the canine members.

“Fun with tummy time!” the actress Tweeted on Monday, sharing a photo of her little girl and dog Oscar curled up next to each other.

A longtime animal lover and advocate, Heigl’s pets play a major role in her everyday life, including joining family movie night.

“The girls, alien dogs, and I watching the documentary!” she Tweeted in September, joking about a photo of her brood in which her dogs’s eyes seemed to glow.

Katherine Heigl with daughters Naleigh and Adalaide and the family dogs

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