Kendall Jenner Poses with Kylie’s Puppy Adam (While Wearing a Formal Gown!)

Kendall Jenner with dog Adam

Courtesy Kendall Jenner

updated 10/14/2012 AT 2:00 PM ET

originally published 10/12/2012 AT 3:30 PM ET

Mercy, you have competition!

Because one of something is never enough, the Kardashian family has introduced another tiny, fluffy pet to the world, and he’s already getting comfortable in front of the camera.

Meet Adam, Kylie Jenner’s new puppy, who recently posed with Kylie and sister Kendall Jenner in an ultra-glamorous fashion shoot in New York.

Kendall, who turns 17 in November, Tweeted a photo on Wednesday with the caption, “Adam and Kendall take NYC.” In it, she is wearing a hot pink formal gown, and smiles as she holds little Adam in her hands.

The puppy has entered a big family – with a growing menagerie of pets. In addition to white kitten Mercy (Kanye West’s gift to Kim Kardashian), there’s Jackson (Kylie, Kendall and Khloé Kardashian’s rescue dog), and two other pooches named Louis and Vuitton.

Kylie Jenner with dog Adam

Courtesy Kylie Jenner

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