Chicken Lays Giant 6.6-Oz. Egg

Harriet Whitaker

Solent News & Photo Agency

02/29/2012 AT 8:55 AM ET

Harriet Whitaker, 8, thought an ostrich might have come through her family’s chicken run when she saw a giant egg near one of her chickens.

But the egg – 8 inches in diameter and weighing 6.6 ounces – was actually the product of Popples, Whitaker’s 2-year-old Rhode Island red.

“I’ve never seen an egg that size before,” Whitaker told London’s Daily Mail. “We have had bobbly ones and long ones but never anything like this.”

Popples, despite having performed a rather astonishing feat, seems to be doing fine. “Popples seems okay,” said mom Teresa Whitaker, “and has been clucking as normal since.”

Solent News & Photo Agency

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