How Jenna von Oy’s Pug Reacted to Her Baby News

Jenna Von Oy, Brad Bratcher and their pug

Brooke Boling

updated 01/25/2012 AT 4:15 PM ET

originally published 01/23/2012 AT 2:50 PM ET

On their first wedding anniversary, actress Jenna von Oy told her husband, Dell computer data consultant Brad Bratcher, that they were expecting their first child – but it was the couple’s pug Bruiser who was the first to know the big news.

“I found out I was pregnant and I was bursting at the seams,” says von Oy, who is due to give birth to her daughter in June. “It wasn’t fair to tell anybody before I told my husband, so I was like, ‘Hey, Bruiser, guess what?’”

Von Oy, who has three pugs, a basset hound and a corgi/Shar-Pei/golden retriever mix, says that the dogs have been very responsive to her pregnancy.

“Bruiser’s reaction has been astounding – he blew me away,” she says. “He’s a very docile dog and he rarely gets feisty, but [early on in the pregnancy], he’d lie in front of me and every time one of the other dogs would try to jump up near me, he’d snap. He knew my condition!”

Since then, the other pups have gotten in some cuddle time, with her newest dog, a rescue dog named Ruby, getting the place of honor at bedtime.

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