Nom Nom! Sand Kitten Bites Mom’s Ear

Nir Elias/Landov

updated 08/09/2011 AT 1:55 PM ET

originally published 08/09/2011 AT 9:30 AM ET

Look out – there’s a hungry kitten in the midst!

Renana, a 3-week-old sand kitten at the Ramat Gan Safari zoo in Israel, may be new to the world, but she’s already quite comfortable with her mother, Rotem.

And while patient Rotem closed her eyes and took a deep breath, Renana went in for a bite of Mom’s ear! It’s no wonder she’s feeling bold. Sand cats are small wild cats typically found in desert regions of Africa and the Middle East, and little Renana is the first sand cat, considered extinct in Israel, to be born at the zoo.

Nir Elias/Landov

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