Kitties Will Go Cuckoo For New Kong Toys

updated 04/27/2011 AT 1:00 PM ET

originally published 04/28/2011 AT 7:45 AM ET

Cats are mysterious creatures, but there are three things we know for sure about them: they love to sleep, they love to eat, and they love catnip. Now there’s another thing we can add to the short list: KONG.

The company’s new cat toys – the Kitty KONG and KONG Cat Wobbler – were a bonafide hit with our feline testers. From the moment the toys were taken out of the package they were cornered by curious feline noses.

The Wobbler ($13.99), an egg-shaped toy that you fill with treats, is like a kitty IQ test – who will figure out how to get the treats out first? The victor was not who we expected.

The Kitty KONG ($7.99) is just like the dog version, only smaller (and more petite than the Cat Wobbler as well), and it entertained our furpals for hours. The only caveat: the Easy Treat salmon paste that you squirt inside is a bit messy, but cats find it simply delicious. And at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters?

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