Strange, but True: Rat Loves Cat Loves Dog

Splash News Online

updated 03/01/2011 AT 4:00 PM ET

originally published 03/02/2011 AT 7:45 AM ET

In the presence of a cat, a rat usually scurries away. And when confronted by a dog, a cat hisses and saunters off.

Or do they?

For one inter-species family consisting of a rat, a cat and a dog, stereotypes are out, but giant lovefests? Totally in. Ticket the rat, Tuxedo the cat, and Scarface the pit bull live with Brian Cotrill in California and are often spotted totally happy in each other’s company.

Cotrill says his animals help him in his mission to change the public’s perception of the pit bull breed, which he feels has been maligned due to irresponsible owners and poor media coverage.

The proof is in the motley pudding. Scarface wouldn’t do anything to harm his friends, even if they are supposed to his sworn enemies in nature.

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