The Water Bowl: German Pair Swim to North Sea With Pet Ducks; Plus: Oldest Dog Remains Found?

updated 08/03/2010 AT 10:47 AM ET

originally published 08/03/2010 AT 10:30 AM ET

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Pia Marie Witt, 33, and Wilfried Arnold, 58 set out on an interesting adventure on Monday: they are attempting to swim 500 km – from Central Germany to the North Sea – with their pet ducks. The German pair hope to arrive by mid-September.–The Washington Post

Researchers have found that dog remains discovered in a cave in Switzerland date back more than 14,000 years and are perhaps the oldest on record. The remains were discovered in 1873 but last year researchers at Germany’s Tuebingen University decided to take a closer look.–AFP

Authorities in Yorkshire, England have launched an investigation after the owners of a pet rabbit named Colin came home to discover the animal’s ears had been burnt off. They believe local thugs committed the crime.–Daily Mail

Gina the German shepherd now suffers from PTSD after returning from the war in Iraq. When she was shipped out as a 2-year-old she was boisterous and energetic, now she’s fearful of everything.–

A Seattle couple are frantically searching for their beloved American Eskimo dog Dimitri who fell off the back of their speedboat into Lake Union on Sunday.–Seattle Times