Kelly Osbourne Gets a New Puppy!

Courtesy of Kelly Osbourne; Johns PkI/Splash News Online

updated 06/04/2010 AT 10:59 AM ET

originally published 06/04/2010 AT 11:00 AM ET

And puppy makes four for Kelly Osbourne and her motley family, which includes fiance Luke Worrall; Sid, the Pomeranian puppy she received as a birthday gift last year; and now Woody, a teeny, 1-lb. brown Pom that resembles a ball of caramel fluff with a pair of black button eyes.

Over the course of several messages posted to Twitter in recent days, Osbourne announced that she was traveling on a private plane to pick up a new puppy for her father, Ozzy Osbourne, who had “been so down” since a coyote attacked and killed his dog, Little Bit, last summer.

They found the perfect companion for dad, “We also have my dad’s new dog with us I can’t wait he is not gonna believe his eyes.”

But Ozzy’s pooch wasn’t the only one heading for his new forever home – Osbourne wrote that “Luke and I are now the parents of a new baby boy called Woody.”

She didn’t say how all the pooches were getting along, but two forces of cuteness like Sid and Woody wouldn’t dare get any of that fur all ruffled. Here’s to hoping they’ll all be best of friends!

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