Plant One of These Litter Boxes In Your Living Room

updated 01/08/2009 AT 2:46 PM ET

originally published 01/09/2009 AT 7:45 AM ET

Cool looking litter boxes haven’t always been easy to find, but thankfully manufacturers are getting more creative with their designs. This inventive box conceals kitty’s litter and is an eye-catcher. The faux clay pot made of plastic doubles as a plant holder and can be turned around – with opening facing the wall– to completely disguise it as a box. Or you could scrap the idea of a box entirely and put a blanket inside to use as a kitty or dog bed. Available for $69.95 on Amazon, the Hidden Litter Box is reasonably priced but it left us wondering, if you use a pan liner, how does it stay put? Liner-less is probably the way to go.