A Mushroom Your Cat Can Climb On

updated 12/11/2008 AT 10:03 PM ET

originally published 12/02/2008 AT 4:00 PM ET

I’m a fan of cats, but not usually “cat furniture.” I know kitties love to climb and scratch, but do I really need to give over half a room to a monstrous construction of carpet-covered two-by-fours? The mushroom-shaped cat trees from CatsPlay.com give me some hope. They’re carpeted, yes, but cool: they remind me of designer Thomas Wold’s hip Mushroom 7-Top Coffee Table. Plus, they look like a place cats and gnomes could coexist peacefully.

For an even more “realistic” (as far as gnome homes go, anyway) look, try the Sculptured Mini Mushroom Cat Tree, also by CatsPlay but right now only available at Amazon for $76.99. The other mushroom trees can be purchased from Catsplay.com for $152.99 to $254.00 plus shipping.

–Mary Sheely