Lori Hacking’s Married Name Gone from Grave

Lori Hacking’s grave stone in the Orem City Cemetery Oct. 7, 2004 in Orem, Utah, before it was altered to remove her married name.

Cheryl Loitz/Getty/Newscom

12/06/2004 AT 4:00 PM ET

Lori Hacking’s family has made a major change to the murder victim’s final resting place: They have deleted the name “Hacking” from her headstone and replaced it with her maiden name.

The grave of the Utah woman, who was reported missing in July and whose decomposed body was found on Oct. 1, now reads “Lori Kay Soares,” USA Today reports. Hacking’s husband Mark Hacking has been charged with killing his 27-year-old wife.

“We just felt that Mark obviously didn’t want her anymore,” Lori’s mother, Thelma Sores, told the paper.

Prosecutors say Mark Hacking, 28, killed Lori because she had uncovered many lies he’d spun, including the false claim that he had been accepted into medical school.

Authorities say Mark confessed to two of his brothers that he had shot Lori as she slept in the early hours of July 19, then dumped her body in a trash bin.

Mark Hacking has pleaded innocent to first-degree murder. His trial is scheduled to begin April 18, 2005.


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