Sesame Street Spoofs Lord of the Rings

The Sesame Street parody of Lord of the Rings

updated 12/10/2013 AT 11:00 AM ET

originally published 12/10/2013 AT 2:00 PM ET

Sesame Street has a pretty great track record with parodies, so it’s no surprise that when they turned their googly eyes to Lord of the Rings, they knocked it out of the park.

The segment stars Cookie Monster as the appropriately named “Gobble,” decked out with Gollum-esque stringy hair. He’s on a quest to bake his “precious” cookies, and he’s aided by a Galadriel-like “crazy light lady,” and abetted by … well, himself, as his “darker self” consistently urges him to eat all the ingredients separately, and immediately.

And if that’s not good enough, there’s also a Gandalf Muppet (whom Cookie Monster refers to as “dramatic” after being thrown to the floor by some magic and a really loud “You shall not pass!”)

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