George Takei Nails the Government Shutdown and More of the Best Random Things Online

George Takei

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updated 10/04/2013 AT 2:00 PM ET

originally published 10/04/2013 AT 7:30 PM ET

Hey, did you know that all your Facebook friends are experts in public policy and healthcare? Didn’t it seem that way this week? Because everyone had a lot to say about the government shutting down. Sure, most of it wasn’t “actual and factual,” as TLC would have sung, but a lot of it was funny. And no one was as funny as George Takei, who reacted to the shutdown with quintessential Takeism.

Plus: Viral stunts that went viral, and more of the most important random things online.

• U.S. Government Shuts Down
And George Takei had the best response.

• Woman Quits Her Job Creating Viral Videos by Making a Video That Goes Viral
Hey, the government isn’t working, why should she?

• Guy Claims to Live in Famous "Astor Place Cube" in Manhattan
It turned out to be fake, obviously. Also: The people who believed this was real probably quote Wikipedia a lot.

• Rihanna Twerks a Lot in the Video for "Pour It Up"
If you did a shot every time someone mentioned Twerking, well you’d be dead from alcohol poisoning right now. Click through for the video – it’s pretty NSFW, unless you work in a strip club.

• Tom Hanks Did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything)
In which he dispensed valuable “mustache tips” like “Shave it off.” Brad, keep this in mind, k?


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