New iPhones, 2 Chainz’s Cookbook & More of the Most Random Stuff Online

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updated 09/13/2013 AT 3:00 PM ET

originally published 09/13/2013 AT 8:45 PM ET

2 Chainz wrote a cookbook! The new iPhones are coming! And … shocker: something on the Internet was a lie! Yep, it’s been a busy week online. Read on for more of the best of the most random stuff online:

• 2 Chainz Has a Cookbook and It’s Pure Magic
#MEALTIME – which comes with his new album, B.O.A.T.S. 2 #Metime – is full of glorious advice like, “Call Fergie, invite her to watch a movie on Netflix. Once she accepts, start making green beans.” And that’s the first step in making garlicky green beans.

• The New iPhones Are Coming!
There’s one color called “champagne.” And you just know Kanye West will get one that’s made with actual champagne and diamonds with a fur home button or whatever.

• "Twerking Girl" Viral Video Turns Out to Be a Jimmy Kimmel Stunt
Just goes to prove that you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Benjamin Franklin once said that, after all.

• Miley Cyrus Swings on a Giant Ball in Her New Video, "Wrecking Ball"
I know you say you can’t, but it’s really time to stop.

• Harry Styles Tweets at a Cancer-Striken Fan Who Reached Out on Twitter
After Kelcey Hallinan’s friends organized a campaign to have the One Direction heartthrob Tweet at their friend, he delivered.

Later, her sister Tweeted the below.

Say it with us now: “Aww!”


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