5 Things You Missed: Alicia Keys’s Revealing Fashion Decision, Beyoncé’s Game Face & What’s On Kate Middleton’s Shopping List

Beyonce, Michelle Kwan, Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

Courtesy of Beyonce; Caitlin Maloney; David Fisher/Rex USA

01/27/2013 AT 8:00 PM ET

Leading up to Sunday night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, there was plenty of prize-worthy action on the streets of Hollywood (and beyond!) this weekend.

And the winner for best post-controversy comeback is …

Here’s what you missed:

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5. Alicia & Swizz Beatz: (Cut)out and About in France

” “” “” “0” ] This girl is indeed on fire: Alicia Keys heated up the NRJ Music Awards red carpet in an ab-solutely gorgeous cutout gown. Her accessory of choice: husband (and arm candy) Swizz Beatz, who joined her in Cannes, France. (Hit the red carpet)

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4. See Who’s Still Partying at Sundance

” “” “” “0” ]It was an iParty for Ashton Kutcher, who celebrated the Sundance Film Festival premiere of his Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, with his costars and pals at a Red Touch Media-sponsored afterparty. Inside the bash, the actor was visibly captivated by a floor-to-ceiling portrait of the late Apple visionary, whom he portrays in the film. (Inside the party)

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3. Your Fave Skating Olympic Champs: Where Are They Now?

” “” “” “0” ]Remember when Dorothy Hamill was the It Girl of the 1976 Winter Olympics? Yup, the pre-Fab Five days. Check in with newlywed Michelle Kwan and the all-star figure skaters who attended her Jan. 19 wedding. (See their transformations)

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2. Kate Middleton Shops at the Gap, Too

” “” “” “0” ]In case you needed yet another reason to worship the down-to-earth duchess, the mom-to-be was spotted hitting the racks at Gap on the hunt for a pair of stretchy tight-fitting jeggings to add to her maternity wardrobe. And, yes, even royals have to shop around. “She didn’t buy anything as she couldn’t find the right leg length,” says a source. (Share your shopping tips)

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1. Beyoncé Gives Fans Something Else to Care About

” “” “” “0” ]What lip-synching controversy? The show must go on for Beyoncé, who clearly has bigger fish to fry – or, you know, another major stage to light up – with her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show. She offered fans a sneak peek at the long-awaited performance, which we predict will unite all football fans all around the universe come Feb. 3’s big game. Obviously. (Let the countdown begin)


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