Miley Cyrus’s Brother Talks Smack About Jonas Brothers

Trace Cyrus

TitoMedia/Splash News

updated 08/14/2009 AT 2:10 PM ET

originally published 08/14/2009 AT 2:30 PM ET

Don’t look for Miley Cyrus’s big brother Trace to join a boy band anytime soon.

“I’m not trying to clean my image to make anyone happy,” the pierced and tattooed singer/guitarist for the rock group Metro Station tells Details. “I could have gone the route of the Jonas Bros. Those guys can’t live their lives freely. They have to put out this image that’s totally fake.”

And if the Jonas Bros. don’t like what he says? Tough. Cyrus, 20, says he could take them all in a fight, though he’d back off on his sister’s ex-boyfriend Nick.

“I don’t think any of them would be much trouble,” says Cyrus. “I’d never lay a hand on Nick – I love that kid – but the other two better not get in my way.”


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