Outraged Letter to the Editor Defends Fred Flintstone’s History of Nonviolence

Wilma and Fred Flintstone

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updated 08/01/2014 AT 11:55 AM ET

originally published 08/01/2014 AT 1:00 PM ET


In her column on Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who was suspended two games by the NFL after his arrest for domestic violence, Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins criticized the light response to Rice’s actions, asking how the league could justify “a two-game penalty for a running back going all Flintstone on his wife.”

On Thursday, Jenkins’s column provoked an impassioned response from one Post reader, who sent a letter to the editor defending Fred Flintstone against implicit charges of spousal abuse.

As Martin Kramer of Takoma Park, Maryland, wrote, “Fred Flintstone had his faults, but he loved and respected his wife Wilma, often referring to her as his queen.”

Kramer reminded Jenkins that the fictional cartoon character worked back-breaking hours at a local rock quarry to put food on the table for his family, laboring “until the whistle blew so he could slide down the back of his brontosaurus rock mover and head home to Wilma.”

“What Mr. Rice did could perhaps qualify as a stereotype of caveman behavior,” he concluded, “but yabba dabba don’t lump Fred Flintstone in with that type of behavior.”

Consider Fred Flintstone’s honor avenged.

Read the full letter below:

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